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A Modified ACF Pitch Detection Algorithm Based on EMD(PDF)


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A Modified ACF Pitch Detection Algorithm Based on EMD
Zong Yuan1Li Ping2Zeng Yumin1Hu Zhengquan1Li Mengchao1
(1.School of Physics and Technology,Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing 210023,China) (2.Department of Electronic and Information Engineering,Taizhou Polytechnic College,Taizhou 225300,China)
pitchempirical mode decompositionautocorrelation functionintrinsic mode functions
This paper presents an Autocorrelation Function(ACF)pitch detection algorithm based on Empirical Mode Decomposition to conquer the defect of the conventional Autocorrelation Function which may generate double pitch.Firstly,the ACF of a speech frame is decomposed into a finite set of Intrinsic Mode Functions(IMFs)and a residual component.Then based on the distribution of accumulated energy of all IMFs,the IMF with the pitch information is selected successfully.Finally,the pitch is detected from the selected IMF accurately.The simulated pitch detection results show that the performance of the proposed algorithm is obviously better than that of the conventional ACF algorithm and slightly better than that of WAC algorithm which is outstanding.


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