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Preparation of Surface Enhanced IR Active Cu Nanoparticlesby Wet-Chemical Deposition(PDF)


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Preparation of Surface Enhanced IR Active Cu Nanoparticlesby Wet-Chemical Deposition
Zhang XiaojunYao JieNiu Yufang
Analysis and Testing Center,Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing 210023,China
chemical depositionSEIRAcopper nanoparticlesGesurfactant
The copper nanoparticles were prepared on Ge disks by wetchemical deposition.The influence factors on the morphology of the prepared nanoparticles,such as the type of surfactant,concentration,deposition time,were studied.The surface enhanced infrared absorption(SEIRA)effect of the Cu nanoparticles were measured in attenuated total reflection spectroscopy(ATR-FTIR)and transmittance spectroscopy(TR-FTIR)using dimercaptosuccinic acid as the probe.The nanostructure of the copper surface was characterized by scanning electron microscopy(SEM).The results show that copper nanoparticles prepared by adding surfactant triethanolamine,a mean particle size of 100 nm,exhibit strong surface enhanced infrared absorption(SEIRA)effect in ATR but no SEIRA in TR.In contrast with this,the asdeposited Cu nanoparticles(500 nm)adding surfactant polyethylene glycol 400 show less SEIRA in ATR and strong SEIRA in TR.These active Cu nanoparticles can be used in biochemistry analysis.The optimized conditions for preparing copper nanoparticles are as follows:(1)1×10-3mol/L CuSO4 solution adding 1 mL triethanolamine,depositing on Ge with 8 h for ATR SEIRA material;(2)1×10-3mol/L CuSO4 solution adding 1 mL polyethylene glycol 400,depositing on Ge with 8 h for TR SEIRA material.Meanwhile the stability of the copper nanoparticles SEIRA has been studied,it showed that the active Cu nanoparticles have good stability.


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