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A Wind Speed Forecasting Model Based on Support VectorRegression with Data Dependent Kernel(PDF)


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A Wind Speed Forecasting Model Based on Support VectorRegression with Data Dependent Kernel
Wang DingchengNi YujiaChen BeijingCao Zhili
College of Computer and Software,Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology,Nanjing 210044,China
wind speed forecastingdata dependent kernelsupport vector regression machine
Wind is random and has many factors.Besides,the prediction accuracy of wind is not high.Therefore,based on the statistics relationship between Support Vector Machine(SVM)and information geometry,the geometry of kernel function is analyzed.A data dependent kernel is constructed and combined with Support Vector Regression(SVR).Then,the support vector regression machine with data dependent kernel is proposed.We build a wind speed forecasting model and forecast the wind speed.Compared with SVM and neural networks,DDK-SVR method has higher prediction accuracy.


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