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The Functions of Health Care and Application ofStevia rebaudiana and Stevioside(PDF)


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The Functions of Health Care and Application ofStevia rebaudiana and Stevioside
Chen Yuru1Yang Fengping1Yang Fan2Song Tingting1Su Chenjie1Yin Huihui1
(1.School of Life Sciences,Nanjing Normal University,Jiangsu Engineering and Technology Research Center forMicrobiology Resource,Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Biodiversity and Biotechnology,Jiangsu KeyLaboratory for Microbes and Functional Genomic,Nanjing
Stevia rebaudianasteviosidemedicinal functionchlorogenic aciddicaffeoylquinic acid
Stevia rebaudiana,a well-performed economic crop,is known as the world’s third largest source of sweeteners and raw material for healthy products. As the population with obesity,diabetes and other metabolic disorders or diseases increases in modern society,people draw more attentions to new plant-based natural products with health benefits. Stevioside,extracted from the plant species,is a safe and green sweetener with high sweetness and low calorific value. It is suitable for all kinds of people,especially patients with obesity,diabetes,hypertension,hyperlipidemia and other diseases as a sugar substitute. Stevia rebaudiana also contains chlorogenic acid,dicaffeoylquinic acid,flavonoids and other bioactive constituents,which have medicinal functions and health benefits. Therefore,the development of new healthy products containing stevioside and the application of stevia tea and stevia wine has excellent promising prospects in the future.


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