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Genetics Studies of Tongue Moving Types in Yunnan Chenggong(PDF)


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Genetics Studies of Tongue Moving Types in Yunnan Chenggong
Wang QingLi Yonglan
1.College of Life Sciences and Technology,Inner Mongolia Normal University,Hohhot 010022,China
Chenggong District in YunnanHan nationalityrolling tonguefolding tonguetwisting tonguepointed tongueclover-leaf tongue
A random sampling method is used to select 350 students of Han nationality(147 males and 203 females)from Chenggong No.1 middle school in Yunnan Chenggong District to conduct a study on 5 tongue moving types including rolling,folding,twisting,pointed and clover-leaf tongues. The survey data processing by Excel 2003 and SPSS 13.0 software,adopt the method of u test and chi-square test,for differences inspection between gender and ethnic.The results showed that,(1)Among Han nationality in Yunnan Chenggong District,the frequencies of rolling,folding,pointed and clover-leaf tongues are respectively 60.9%,4.0%,29.1%,56.6% and 4.0%. (2)Among the 5 tongue moving types,the sexual differences among the frequencies of rolling,folding,twisting and clover-leaf tongues have no statistical significance(P>0.05),while the sexual differences between the frequencies of pointed tongues have statistical significance(P<0.01). (3)Compared with other 12 nationalities in our country,the Han nationality in Yunnan Chenggong District has a higher frequency of twisting tongues,a lower-middle frequency of folding and pointed tongue,a lower frequency of rolling and clover-leaf tongues. (4)There is no gene interactions between the 5 tongue moving types of Han nationality in Yunnan. (5)The cluster analysis indicates that Han nationality in Yunnan is similar to Han population in Sichuan,Shandong,Jiangxi and Hunan province,and have big differences with ethnic minorities.


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