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Primary Culture and Identification of Mouse BrainMicrovascular Endothelial Cell(PDF)


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Primary Culture and Identification of Mouse BrainMicrovascular Endothelial Cell
Song Xiaobin1Fan Chun’e1Wang Ye2Zhang Yiteng1Cui Congcong1Zeng Weiwei1Zheng Lirong1Cai Xiaojie1Chen Huaqun1
(1.School of Life Sciences,Nanjing Normal University,Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Molecular and Medical Biotechnology,Nanjing 2l0023,China)(2.Nanjing Mucyte Biotechnical Com.,Nanjing 210061,China)
mouse brain microvescular endothelial cellprimary culturedensity gradient centrifugationenzyme digestion
Brain microvascular endothelial cell(BMVEC)is an essential component of the brain blood barrier(BBB). It has been known that the dysfunction of BBB plays critical roles in the pathological process of a variety of neurological disorders. The primary cultured BMVECs were widely used in the study of the functions and the regulation mechanisms of the BBB. Here,it is reported that a simple and effective method of isolating and growing of BMVEC established upon density gradient centrifugation and enzyme digestion. The purity of the cultured cells was higher than 95% determined by CD31 immunofluorescence staining. The features of the cells were further confirmed by positive staining of VE-cadherin and ZO-1,the characteristics of BMVECs. Our method may provide a good approach for the study of BBB in vitro.


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