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Age Estimation Based on Deep Learning MPCANet(PDF)


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Age Estimation Based on Deep Learning MPCANet
Zheng DepengDu JixiangZhai Chuanmin
School of Computer Science and Technology,Huaqiao University,Xiamen 361021,China
deep learningage estimationmulti principal component analysis network(MPCANet)
This paper investigates deep learning techniques for age estimation based on the multi principal component analysis network(MPCANet). A new framework for age feature extraction based on deep learning model with convolutional neural network(CNN)is built. The MPCANet is a variation of principal component analysis network(PCANet),which is recently proposes deep learning algorithms. The MPCANet model architecture components:(1)the use of Multi cascaded principal component analysis(PCA)in the convolution filter layer;(2)the nonlinear process layer by binary hashing; and(3)the use of block histogram in the feature pooling layer. We use K-SVR(Kernel function Support Vector Regression,K-SVR)for age estimation. Experimental results on two datasets(FG-NET and MORPH)show that the proposed approach is significantly better than the state-of-the-art.


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