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Remote Sensing Image Super-resolution Reconstructionin Multi-scale Compressed Sensing Framework(PDF)


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Remote Sensing Image Super-resolution Reconstructionin Multi-scale Compressed Sensing Framework
Chen WeiyeSun Quansen
School of Computer Science and Engineering,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing 210094,China
remote sensing imagesuper-resolution reconstructionmulti-scalecompressed sensing
The traditional compressed sensing based super-resolution reconstruction algorithm regards images as a single scale without considering that different scale image patches may have different discriminant information. To effectively utilize the scale characteristics of remote sensing images,a new remote sensing image super-resolution reconstruction algorithm in the multi-scale compressed sensing framework was proposed. First,image patches were clustered to construct multi-scale training sample sets. Next,the Fisher criterion was used to learn a discriminative dictionary containing the classification information of remote sensing images. Then,the acquisition process of the low-resolution image was estimated by the construction method of the measurement matrix in compressed sensing. Finally,the sub-region images in the multi-scale mode were reconstructed by using the discriminant dictionary. The experimental results demonstrate that it is effective to introduce multi-scale compressed sensing into image super-resolution reconstruction. The proposed algorithm outperforms other existing algorithms both in visual qualities and evaluation criteria.


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