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An Improved Approach for Vibration Signal AnomalyDetection of Ventilator Based on EMD(PDF)


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An Improved Approach for Vibration Signal AnomalyDetection of Ventilator Based on EMD
Ma HongluGe LinlinNiu QiangXia Shixiong
College of Computer Science and Technology,China University of Mining and Technology,Xuzhou 221116,China
empirical mode decomposition(EMD)ventilator anomaly detectionovershoot problemend effectend swing
Focused on the issues that caused by the noise pollution of ventilator,the over shoot problem caused by CSI fitting Envelop curve,and the end swing problems caused by the end effect,an Improve-Empirical Mode Decomposition algorithm was proposed. Firstly,the algorithm introduces the wavelet method to denoise the original signal data,then uses matching boundary feature extension method to effectively restrain the end effect while combining with the good flexibility of Cubic Hermite to fit the envelope to obtain the average curve. Experiments shows,by analyzing the ventilator vibration marginal spectrum with the improved algorithm,ventilator vibration signal characteristics can be shown clearly,the improved algorithm can eliminate the overshoot problems,markedly improve the endpoint effect and improve the accuracy of the ventilator anomaly detection.


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