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Outgassing Analysis of the CNTs Field Emission Devicesand Its Influence on Field Emission Performance(PDF)


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Outgassing Analysis of the CNTs Field Emission Devicesand Its Influence on Field Emission Performance
Cui Yunkang1Di Yunsong2Chen Jing3Tang Chunhong1
(1.Department of Mathematics and Physics,Nanjing Institute of Technology,Nanjing 211167,China)(2.School of Physics and Technology,Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing 210023,China)(3.School of Electronic Science and Engineering,Southeast University,Nanjing
carbon nanotubeoutgassing characteristicsfield emission
To study the mechanism of current degradation of a cold cathode,the ougassing analysis of a field emission diode with screen-printed carbon nanotubes(CNTs)cathode has been taken with a quadrupole mass spectrometer(QMS)in an ultra-high vacuum(UHV)system. It was found that H2,CO2 and CO were outgassed from the diode during the working process. The partial pressure of outgassing increases with the increased emission current density. The field emission properties of the cold cathode,such as turn-on field,threshold field and the emission current density,were largely related to the pressure of the outgases. After the CNTs cathode had 1.5 hour field emission operation at 2.1×10-3 Pa total pressure,the turn-on field and threshold field increased 29.4% and 50.0% respectively compared with their original values. Due to the outgassing,the work function of CNTs cold cathode increased,while the field enhancement factor decreased. Increasing the work function and reducing the field enhancement factor decrease the field emission characteristics of the cathode. Therefore,the outgassing plays very important role in the current degradation for the field emission devices.


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