Li Haimei,Wang Yingying,Gao Tao,et al.FgPDK1 Modulates Osmotic Stress Responses in Fusarium graminearum[J].Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Natural Science Edition),2018,41(01):76.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1001-4616.2018.01.014]





FgPDK1 Modulates Osmotic Stress Responses in Fusarium graminearum
(1.南京师范大学生命科学学院,江苏 南京 210023)(2.江苏省农业科学院农产品质量安全与营养研究所,江苏 南京 210014)(3.江苏省农业科学院中心实验室,江苏 南京 210014)
Li Haimei1Wang Yingying1Gao Tao2Xu Cunfa3Shi Zhiqi2Chen Jian2Xu Xiaofeng1
(1.School of Life Sciences,Nanjing Normal University,Nanjing 210023,China)(2.Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition,Jiangsu Academy of Agriculture Science,Nanjing 210014,China)(3. Central Laboratory,Jiangsu Academy of Agriculture Science,Nanjing 210014,
Fusarium graminearumPDKosmotic stressglycerolcell death
真菌为了应对渗透胁迫进化出包括高渗甘油途径(high osmolarity glycerol,HOG)在内的一系列调控网络,但其上游信号调控因子尚不明确. 本文以禾谷镰孢菌(Fusarium graminearum)为研究对象,在盐胁迫下通过遗传学和生理生化手段,研究了一个关键的线粒体能量代谢酶基因丙酮酸脱氢酶激酶(FgPDK1)在调控渗透胁迫方面的重要作用. 结果显示,(1)菌丝生长测定结果表明FgPDK1敲除突变体(ΔFgPDK1)对盐胁迫的敏感性较野生型(PH-1)显著增加;(2)与PH-1相比较,
Fungi’s HOG(high osmolarity glycerol)pathway in response to osmotic stress has been revealed. However,the upstream signaling regulator of the pathway remains unclear. In this study,we investigated the pivotal role of a mitochondrial energy metabolic gene encoding for pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase(FgPDK1)in Fusarium graminearum in the regulation of NaCl stress by using genetic and physiological-biochemical approaches. The main results have been obtained as follows,(1)Determination of hyphal growth indicated that ΔFgPDK1(an FgPDK1 knock-out mutant)was more sensitive than wild type(PH-1).(2)Compared to PH-1,NaCl stress induced more electrolyte leakage and higher accumulation of glycerol in the hyphae of ΔFgPDK1.(3)ROS accumulation,MDA content,and cell death increased significantly in ΔFgPDK1 as compared to PH-1 under NaCl stress.(4)The relative expression levels of anti-oxidative genes(SOD and CAT)were significantly lower in ΔFgPDK1 as compared to PH-1 under NaCl stress.(5)All of the above physiological and biochemical responses could be recovered to the level of PH-1 in ΔFgPDK1-C(a gain-of-function complementary strain of ΔFgPDK1). These results suggested that FgPDK1 played important roles in the regulation of HOG downstream pathway and the maintenance of anti-oxidative capacity in F.graminearum under high osmatic stress. This study provides new evidence for understanding the molecular mechanism in fungi’s osmatic stress adaption.


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