[1]袁荣美,丁 祥,谭秀梅,等.线粒体外膜转位酶基因tom70缺失对裂殖酵母细胞动力学的影响[J].南京师范大学学报(自然科学版),2020,43(03):120-128.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1001-4616.2020.03.019]
 Yuan Rongmei,Ding Xiang,Tan Xiumei,et al.Loss of tom70(Translocase of Outer Mitochondrial 70)Results in Changes of Cell Dynamics in Fission Yeast[J].Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Natural Science Edition),2020,43(03):120-128.[doi:10.3969/j.issn.1001-4616.2020.03.019]





Loss of tom70(Translocase of Outer Mitochondrial 70)Results in Changes of Cell Dynamics in Fission Yeast
袁荣美1丁 祥2谭秀梅1侯怡铃1
(1.西华师范大学生命科学学院,西南野生动植物资源保护教育部重点实验室,四川 南充 637009)(2.西华师范大学环境科学与工程学院,四川 南充 637009)
Yuan Rongmei1Ding Xiang2Tan Xiumei1Hou Yiling1
(1.College of Life Sciences,China West Normal University,Key Laboratory of Southwest China Wildlife ResourcesConservation(Ministry of Education),Nanchong 637009,China)(2.College of Environmental Science and Engineering,China West Normal University,Nanchong 637009,China)
tom70mitosiscell cyclecell dynamicsmicrotubule
tom70基因编码的是线粒体外膜转运酶(Translocase of Outer Mitochondrial,TOM)复合物中的Tom70受体,在线粒体蛋白转入线粒体膜间隙中具有重要作用. 该研究以裂殖酵母(Schizosaccharomyces pombe)为材料,采用活细胞成像的方法,研究tom70基因缺失后细胞有丝分裂中动力学的变化. 研究结果表明,tom70基因缺失会导致细胞间期微管数目和长度异常,tom70Δ细胞中微管长度长于野生型; 同时,细胞进入分裂期时tom70Δ纺锤体的形成、生长速率、生长时间、长度和断裂方式都与野生型存在差异. 纺锤体长度统计显示tom70Δ细胞存在纺锤体延迟断裂现象. 对tom70Δ进行活细胞成像,观察3种不同的纺锤体断裂行为:直线型、拱形和S型. 综上结果表明,线粒体tom70基因缺失导致细胞动力学缺陷,包括纺锤体维持缺陷、染色体分离缺陷和纺锤体断裂缺陷.
The tom70 encodes the tom70 receptor of the complex of translocase of outer mitochondrial,which plays an important role in the transfer of mitochondrial protein into the mitochondrial membrane space. Schizosaccharomyces pombe was used as material to study the dynamic changes of cell mitosis after tom70 gene deletion. The results showed that the number and length of microtubules were abnormal in the interphase,and the length of microtubules was longer in the tom70Δ cells than in the wild type. At the same time,the formation,growth rate,growth time,length and fracture mode of the spindle were different from those in the wild type. The statistics of spindle length showed that there was a phenomenon of delayed spindle rupture in the tom70Δ cells. Three kinds of spindle fracture behaviors were observed,linear,arched and S-shaped. The results showed that the deletion of mitochondrial tom70 gene led to the defects of cell dynamics,including spindle maintenance,chromosome separation and spindle breakage.


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