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Marsupenaeus japonicus shrimp miR-34 Target Gene Prediction and Bioinformatics Analysis
李 粉刘新鹤高铭悦徐 晨徐俊颖史莹华崔亚垒
(河南农业大学动物科技学院,河南 郑州 450046)
Li FenLiu XinheGao MingyueXu ChenXu JunyingShi YinghuaCui Yalei
(College of Animal Science and Technology,Henan Agricultural University,Zhengzhou 450046,China)
Marsupenaeus japonicus shrimpmja-miR-34target genesbioinformatic analysis
已有研究表明日本对虾(Marsupenaeus japonicus shrimp)miR-34(mja-miR-34)参与调控白斑综合症病毒(white spot syndrome virus,WSSV)的感染,但其调控的宿主基因还未具体阐述. 本研究首先比对了miR-34在17个物种中的序列,并使用TargetScan 5.1和miRanda预测了miR-34调控的宿主基因. 结果显示,miR-34在物种进化过程中具有高度保守性; mja-miR-34可靶向作用于242个宿主编码的基因,且在病毒感染不同时间段呈现差异表达; 利用GO注释和KEGG信号通路富集分析结果表明,mja-miR-34的靶基因参与细胞代谢、细胞信号转导、免疫系统以及遗传信息的调控等过程; mja-miR-34在对虾体内可调控靶基因(translation initiation factor)的表达. 结果说明mja-miR-34及其靶基因参与病毒感染等多个细胞进程,但还有待进一步验证. 本研究可为mja-miR-34靶基因的鉴定及其生物学功能的研究提供数据支持和理论指导.
Previous study has shown that miR-34(mja-miR-34)of Marsupenaeus japonicus shrimp is involved in the regulation of white spot syndrome virus(WSSV)infection,but the host genes regulated by mja-miR-34 have not yet been elucidated. In this study,the sequences of miR-34 in 17 species were firstly compared,and the target genes of shrimp regulated by miR-34 were predicted by TargetScan 5.1 and miRanda. The results showed that miR-34 was highly conserved during species evolution; mja-miR-34 could target 242 host-encoded genes and was differentially expressed in different time periods of virus infection; the target genes of mja-miR-34 were involved in the regulation of multiple cellular process of cell metabolism,cell signal transduction,immune system and genetic information analyzed by GO annotation and KEGG signal pathway enrichment analysis. mja-miR-34 can regulate the expression of target gene translation initiation factor in shrimp in vivo. These results indicated that mja-miR-34 and its target genes were involved in multiple cellular processes such as virus infection,but further verification was required. This study can provide data support and theoretical guidance for the characterization of mja-miR-34 target genes and the investigation of their biological functions.


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